What Is SquagTM ?

[skwag] is a curated experience for exceptional kids (and their siblings!) to build ideas about themselves.

The Squagpads™ open up a new conversation between parent and child; a window in to their interests, thoughts and dreams. Does your son like to journal? Does your daughter prefer surfing to science? All of these choices connecting your kid to who they are get recorded daily in their scrapbooks, allowing parents to witness their budding sense of self.


Squag™ eliminates outside noise by simulating a sun-lit room with visual simplicity and clean animation. The intensity of the light is adjustable and the original soundtrack is soothing. We’ve removed the distraction of pop-ups and advertising and designed intuitive Squagpads™ where users can focus on building a sense of self and creating original thoughts.


Security is our first priority.  SquagTM curates every bit of content and encourages parents to keep up to date on their child’s activities inside the SquagpadsTM. Our application was designed to make it easy for parents to be involved. See security policy.


Social media has been a game-changer for self-advocates and parents alike; we feel it’s time for kids to have that opportunity too. The Squagppad™ is the perfect place for kids to begin to cultivate self-expression and self-advocacy, spotlight their strengths and accomplishments, and find their voice.

Who We Are

We are a family business made up of parents, grandparents and aunts & uncles of children with autism. We’re forever changed by loving these spectacular children; they make us all better, every day.

Who Squags?

Any kid (age 7+) with autism (or other learning difference) and of course their siblings too!

Why Squag?

Because our children deserve a break from therapy.

Squag™ is not therapy.

Squag™ is an opportunity for social, recreational and creative communication. It’s an alternative to the everyday noise of the internet. With engaging content, support from their parents and the comfort of a computer to ground them, users are free to take the extra processing time they need to start to develop a sense of self.

Squag™ is a curated, customized, intelligent, and scalable experience. It’s a beautiful corner of the web where kids can safely experiment with the big idea of friendship and gain some confidence to take with them wherever they go.